Bryte is an active wear brand that uses reflective material on their products to assist people who exercise at night. Their product provides awareness at night when light is shine onto the reflective material.

Design was inspired by the functionality of the product. Since it is used only at night, my design inspirations revolved around the concept of night and lifestyle. By using a bright color as the accent color to represent "light", it ties in with the functionality of the reflective material that stands out at night.

Concept design was made specifically to use the below technologies:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

  • CSS List based navigation bar

  • Flexbox

  • Transition

  • 100% width responsive background

  • Swap Image feature with Image Map

  • Show/Hide div that opens from a link within a page

  • Contact Form styled with CSS

  • Table

  • Rotating Image slide-show


Programs: Adobe Dreamweaver (Code & Design) and Adobe Photoshop (Concept Design)

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