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Growing up, art was my life. You could say that I spent my entire life emerging in the creative world. I spent my childhood doodling, taking art classes on the weekends, and majoring in Studio Art and Human-Computer Interaction and Design. With so many years spent in the creative world, I still did not want to break up my relationship with it.

This led me to work in the design field as a footwear and graphic designer. Both experiences allowed me to
empathized with the target audience, collaborate with cross-functional teams & stakeholders, and adapt to fast-paced environments.

As a UX/UI designer, I design digital products that are functional and visually pleasing to the eye. By using my strengths in visual communication and putting users first, I strive to add value to the concept of design by making it intuitive. I believe that design is an opportunity and (a responsibility) to
make a positive impact.


When I am not designing, I am planning my next big adventure, browsing through Yelp to bookmark new eateries, and baking baked goods.


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